BEAM Events

Virtual events and networking in the same URL.

BEAM Events

Virtual events and networking in the same URL.

Events and Seminars Without Restrictions

BEAM Events is a virtual event hosting platform that works for any event, whether it’s a webinar, networking event, conference, or entertainment. With BEAM Events, guests can move seamlessly between your main stage event, networking in small groups with other participants, and exploring additional content to learn more. BEAM Events is the most personable virtual event hosting service available right now.

Built-In Networking

BEAM makes it easy for any event guests to cowork and have discussions with other guests, and even the event hosts! In the Cowork tab, guests are able to join small groups so that they can network and share ideas with others. They are free to move between the main stage event and networking space as they please, which gives event guests a more seamless experience than they would get at an in-person event.

Give Guests Context

On your personalized, branded event page, you can upload videos, infographics, and more to the Learn tab. Event guests can visit the tab in order to learn more information about the event, your company, and whatever else would give them the context they need to fully appreciate and understand the event that you worked hard to organize.

Integrated Video Sharing and Live Streaming

Hosts and participants can share YouTube, Vimeo, and Twitch videos and live streams on the main event stage.

Want Us to Host Your Event?

If you are planning a virtual event, BEAM Events would love to host! You can contact us with the details of your event at

What We Offer

BEAM Conference also includes BEAM Meetings and BEAM Rooms, which both work seamlessly with BEAM Events to create a suite that any organization can use in the future of work.

Welcome to the Future of Work!

Seamless video collaboration no matter where you are.