BEAM Meetings

The one-click personalized video conferencing solution for organizations.

BEAM Meetings

The one-click video personalized conferencing solution for organizations.

One Click Browser-Based Video Conferencing

BEAM Meetings is the most convenient video conferencing solution that works anywhere and everywhere for individuals, groups, and organizations. It is as natural as a one-click action on your computer, since it is browser-based and there’s no need to download, install, or update a program or app on your computer or mobile device. BEAM Meetings is personable and the most intuitive and user-friendly web conferencing solution available right now. 

Only One Subscription for an Entire Organization

BEAM makes it easy for any organization to enroll their members or employees by offering a company code at signup and a dashboard for account overview. With an easy to setup company account, anyone in the organization can host meetings without having to purchase a separate subscription. Please contact us to get started and sign up campus members or employees.

Why is Browser-Based Better?

Convenience and security. Meetings attendants are able to connect just with one click from their notebook, desktop, or mobile device. With BEAM, there is no need to download an app, which means that invitees can join a meeting with one click. The best part about running completely on the browser is that meeting participants can be sure that their conversations are safe, secure, and private.

Video Conferencing Security

The video stream travels via HTTPS to and from our media server, which is hosted in the USA. BEAM is secure, as it is encrypted via the web. Encrypted communications are secured with a lock, and only the sender and recipient have the special key needed to unlock and read them. This added layer of security gives organizations peace of mind about internal information exchanged during online meetings.

Want to Try Before You Buy?

BEAM has a limited-features free tier for individuals and first-time users. Sign up for a BEAM account and experience all that BEAM has to offer!

Personalize It!

Need a custom feature or layout? Please contact us if you’d like to work with us to personalize BEAM for your organization, business, website, or event.

Elegant Welcome Rooms

When meeting participants arrive before the host, they will enjoy BEAM’s customizable waiting rooms. They will be entertained by rotating images and Twitter or RSS feeds! Any organization or meeting host that uses BEAM Meetings will be able to customize their own welcome screen for their guests to enjoy before their meeting begins.

What We Offer

BEAM Meetings supports hundreds of simultaneous participants. Other features include: meeting scheduling, personalized meetings page, screen sharing, chat room, personal meeting room, public and private invitation codes, and customizable waiting room. Sign up for BEAM Meetings today!

Welcome to the Future of Work!

Seamless video collaboration no matter where you are.