BEAM Rooms

Adopt a remotely managed IT solution so that you can focus on running your business.

BEAM Rooms

Adopt a remotely managed IT solution so that you can focus on running your business.

Remotely Managed by Us

BEAM-Rooms are powered by BEAM-TV boxes. We ship BEAM-boxes pre-configured so all that is needed to run BEAM in a conference room is to turn on the box and connect it to the TV and to the internet. We remotely monitor the health of the hardware, the software running on it and we take care of all updates and new functionality. With BEAM, there is no need to call IT personnel to troubleshoot issues in the conference room!

Our Story

When we first launched BEAM Rooms, we noticed that conference and huddle rooms at many companies were often completely empty. People used those rooms to eat lunch or hold face-to-face meetings, but not for their intended purpose! When we asked why, company managers told us that cables and adapters needed to connect laptops to the big screens were often missing. So we went to work to create a solution that didn’t require any technical support for presentations to run smoothly!

What we came up with was remotely managed BEAM-TV-boxes that enable wireless presentations from any Mac or PC. Simply plug the BEAM-TV-box into the presentation screen and start sharing!

Presentations that Start On Time

BEAM Rooms enable instant and frustration-free wireless presentations in conference rooms at the office. In-person meeting participants connect to the big TV or projector with their favorite browser by navigating to the Room’s URL displayed on the home screen. No need to waste time locating missing cables or adapters! No need to call the IT staff to start your meetings!

No Extra Equipment

BEAM Rooms do not require expensive wide angle cameras, microphone extenders, or control tablets for the IT manager to purchase, set up, and maintain. Participants share their screen to the presentation TV from their laptops wirelessly with the best audio-video integration directly from their devices.

Remote Maintenance and Troubleshooting

BEAM Rooms are powered by BEAM-TV-boxes: these are Chrome boxes with a custom BEAM OS image we provide, and are remotely and completely managed by us. Our clients do not have to worry about updates or maintenance on their BEAM-TV-boxes – we do it all! We have renamed these BEAM-TVs BEAM-boxes: you can purchase them directly from our site here or please contact us if you would like to make different arrangements and purchase directly from a master agent.

How to Set Up BEAM Rooms

It’s as easy at 1, 2,3!

1. Plug in your BEAM-box

2. Screen share from any laptop (Mac or PC)

3. Personalize background (optional)

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