Embrace a remotely
managed IT solution
so that you can focus
on running your business.

Branded video conferencing for your organization.

Reliable wireless presentations solutions

Software + Service + BEAM-box

bundled at the time of purchase

Our BEAM Rooms plans include:

Customer Support

for your office and your employees or members, so you don’t have to call technical services if any troubleshooting is necessary.

Software Updates

we push updates remotely so you don’t have to perform extra work to keep your BEAM-boxes current.

BEAM-boxes Support

we remotely manage all the BEAM-boxes and replace them if they break or malfunction.

New Functionality

upcoming new features include:

Customizable Welcome Screen

Customizable Live Twitter or RSS Feed

so you can brand every display when not in use

The BEAM mobile app

Live Presentation Markup

BEAM Rooms

    $35/ MONTHPer Display
    • $249 BEAM box - One Time Fee
    • $420/year
    • Cancel Anytime. No Commitment.
    $360/ YEARPer Display
    • $249 BEAM box - One Time Fee
    • $360/Year BEST VALUE
    • $30/month prepaid yearly
  • Enterprise
    $Call UsOr Email
    • (310) 620-3096
    • info@beamconference.com