Oakmont Corporation

Oakmont Corporation is an investment management firm based in Los Angeles, California that has 47 clients and discretionary assets. Some of their largest holdings include Amazon and Roku.

This use case description is a summary from our December 2019 customer satisfaction call with Celeste Esparza, Office Services Manager at Oakmont Corporation.


Before using BEAM, presenters at Oakmont Corporation needed to connect their laptops to the presentation TV with cables. Oftentimes, there would be connection problems that resulted in the office manager having to print several copies of the presentation on paper for the meeting to proceed. Since Oakmont’s IT department is not onsite, an assistant had to place a call to get a technician to come in and check the equipment. In the meantime, the executives in the meeting room were unable to start the meeting. These problems caused stress, frustration, and loss of time and productivity for office managers, presenters, and clients alike.


Now that Oakmont Corporation uses BEAM, staff and managers have a wireless presentation solution that they trust. BEAM makes its easy for anyone to connect to the presentation screen via WiFi, not cables. Instead of having to practice setting up their presentation system, managers and analysts gather in the conference room  just a few minutes before the meeting begins, knowing that they can reliably connect to the big TV with just a couple of clicks.

Managers at Oakmont Corporation say BEAM is…

“super simple”

“a time and frustration saver”

“easy to connect”