Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase BEAM?

BEAM can be purchased through our site here!

How do I sign up for a BEAM account?

When your company purchases a BEAM subscription, they will get an Organization Code that every member of the company can use to sign up for a BEAM account. Simply input that Organization Code in the designated field when registering for your account to gain access to your organization’s BEAM account!

Why am I paying a monthly or yearly fee?

BEAM provides a service via the software that we created bundled with the BEAM-box. The service includes future functionality upgrades, software updates, remote maintenance and the hardware warranty. With BEAM you have total peace of mind regarding wireless presentations. No need to reach out to an outsourced IT team to troubleshoot presentation issues!

How do I know if BEAM is right for my organization?

Just purchase one BEAM-box so you can see BEAM in action for yourself. You can purchase it from our site here. You can return it within 30 days for a full refund.

Can I get a discount for ordering 100+ BEAM-boxes?

Call us at (310)-620-3096 or book a call on our team’s calendar so we can discuss if your business qualifies for volume pricing or for our partner plan.

How do I use BEAM?

For a detailed guide, please check out How to BEAM.

How do I set up BEAM?

1. Connect your new BEAM-box to your TV or projector with an HDMI cable.

2. Connect your BEAM-box to the nearest Ethernet outlet or WiFi connection.

3. Plug in your BEAM-box to a power source and start BEAMing!

Can I use BEAM on my mobile device?

Yes! BEAM works with iPhone 6s or later, and Android phones. On iPhone, you can use Safari and on Android, you can use Chrome or Forefox. The minimum browser requirements is Chrome 70 (74 for audio), Firefox 52, Opera 70, Safari 13.0.3 (Webkit 605.1.15), or Edge 70 (Chromium).

When does my subscription start?

You will be charged for your BEAM-box at the time of purchase. Your subscription starts only 30 days after the purchase date. You will receive your BEAM-box within 2-3 weeks from purchase.

Is BEAM secure?

Yes, BEAM is secure since it receives a video stream from laptops connected to the guest network as well as the private one. You do not need to share your private network or WiFi password with visitors.

How does BEAM work with a guest network?

BEAM works with participants in both the private and the guest network by using a relay server. The relay server allows the BEAM box to exchange IP addresses with the presenting laptop, no matter which wifi network people are connected to, private or guest. This feature makes BEAM seamless and user-friendly as presenters do not need to switch wifi network or to download an executable in order to communicate wirelessly with the BEAM-box.