Cross Campus

Cross Campus is a coworking company based in southern California. They have several locations where local entrepreneurs and small businesses can rent out desks, office spaces and conference rooms.

This use case description is a summary from our December 2019 customer satisfaction call with Alan Tse, senior campus manager and launch director at Cross Campus.


When so many campus members are using a conference room in a shared office space, they bring to the meeting different laptop models with various video ports styles — each of which requires its own adapter. Before we started using BEAM, campus managers were constantly running around assisting presenters troubleshoot connection issues and locating the appropriate cables for every presentation. Inevitably, cables and small adapters were lost or misplaced and the problem kept reoccuring. Campus members remained frustrated and the personnel at the front desk was constantly distracted attempting to resolve these technical connectivity issues rather than focusing on their assigned tasks.


With BEAM, the conference rooms at Cross Campus are so easy to operate that campus managers use BEAM as a selling point for potential new members. No matter what laptop people bring to a meeting, they just sign into the room via BEAM and they are ready to present. The front desk personnel does no longer have to spend time attending the conference rooms and is able to focus on their day to day tasks. Members don’t need to worry about the embarrassment and stress of not being prepared for a presentation in front of their colleagues and clients because they have the latest wireless presentation technology that is consistently reliable for every brand/year laptop.

Campus Managers at Cross Campus say BEAM is…

“so easy to use”

“the product we need”

“compatible with all laptops”

“the latest and greatest tech”