Working from home and missing face-to-face communication?

The meeting room solution for online and onsite teams

Working from home and missing face-to-face communication?

The meeting room solution for online and onsite teams

Unlock a New Way of Working Together

BEAM offers video, cloud, and conference room collaboration integrated together. Think of us as Zoom meets Dropbox.

When a group goes through a presentation, during a webinar, sales pitch, or online class, performance is degraded as high resolutions screen-sharing from one source to many viewers is not efficient. This causes frustration and fatigue.

BEAM offers a high-quality collaboration experience by allowing seamless switching between live video meetings and streaming documents from the cloud. It is browser-based and it works seamlessly for remote teams working online and for in-person wireless presentation events.

Stress-Free Meetings Online and in Person

Remote Conferencing

BEAM allows everyone from your team to join a remote conference room and work together

Wireless Screen Sharing

BEAM eliminates the need to switch physical connectors and cables for every presenter

Consistently Reliable

BEAM instantly connects any meeting participant with any laptop brand or operating system

No Downloads Required

Use Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari to display your content without downloads

Remote Support and Maintenance

With BEAM, there is no need for an on-site IT team. We manage, update, and troubleshoot all BEAM-boxes remotely

Corporate Branding

Personalize every BEAM-box in your office to display images, logos, and Twitter feeds when not in use

Remote Set-Up

1. Join the BEAM room that your conference is being held in

2. Screen share from your laptop by clicking ‘Present’

3. Show your team what you’ve been working on while still communicating via video chat

Office Set-Up

1. Plug in your BEAM-box

2. Screen share from any laptop (Mac or PC)

3. Personalize background (optional)

Visually Collaborate as a Team

Work From Home Effectively

Work From Home Effectively

Join your team’s remote conference room in seconds

Enable Visual Conversations

Enable Visual Conversations

Instantly switch between presenters (remote
or present) with a click of a button

Video and Sound Capable

Video and Sound Capable

Play select videos from your laptop
on the presentation screen

No Pop-up Notifications

No Pop-up Notifications

Display your entire desktop or
selected windows to maintain privacy

Secure Connection

Private and guest networks are supported: no need to share the WiFi password with visitors

Make working from home a delight for everyone!

The meeting room solution for online and onsite teams