Welcome to the Future of Work!

BEAM bridges the gap between at-home and at-the-office workers by offering video conferencing solutions that make team collaboration seamless no matter where you are.

Welcome to the Future of Work!

BEAM bridges the gap between at-home and at-the-office workers by offering video conferencing solutions that make team collaboration seamless no matter where you are.

A Seamless Experience

BEAM Conference is for coworking spaces, shared office suites, small businesses, and larger companies who want to give hybrid teams a unified communication platform while part of the team is working from home and the other is in the office.

With a unified interface across its family of products: Meetings, Rooms and Events, BEAM bridges the gap between at-home and at-the-office workers by offering video conferencing solutions that make team collaboration seamless no matter where you are.

Rooms, Meetings, and Events

Unlike other solutions, BEAM is an entirely browser-based collaboration platform, which means that there is no need to download, install, or update any program on your device. 

BEAM is quick, cost-effective and easy to set up both at home (BEAM Meetings) and at the office (BEAM Rooms). Plus, with BEAM Events and Webinars, teams have all the tools they need to stay connected in a dynamically hybrid workplace.

No Downloads Required

BEAM is built on the latest video communication technology layer available today. It is entirely browser-based and supported by all major internet browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari (limited support). There is no need to download and install any programs onto your computer (for extra security) nor deal with software updates.

Built-In Security

BEAM is secure, as it is encrypted via the web. Encrypted communications are secured with a lock, and only the sender and recipient have the special key needed to unlock and read them. This added layer of security gives organizations peace of mind about internal information exchanged during online meetings.

Mobile Support

Since BEAM is completely browser-based and doesn’t require any downloads, you can use BEAM on your mobile device as well. Join meetings with Chrome on Android or Safari on your iPhone 6s or later. Simply click on an invitation link on your phone to connect to your video call.

On-Line Meetings

On-Line Meetings

BEAM Meetings Features

Reliable Connection

Reliable Connection

High quality video and audio connection for all room participants.

Easy Screen Sharing

Show coworkers what you’ve been working on with the click of a button.

Group Meetings

Group calls with up to a few hundred participants.

No Downloads Required

No need to download an application to your computer: the BEAM web app works in the browser.

Browser Compatibility

Compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge (Chromium 2020 edition) and Safari (limited functionality).

Text Chat

Text Chat

Use the chat box for group and individual messaging to send links and other text.

On-Site Wireless Presentations

On-Site Wireless Presentations

BEAM Rooms Features

Wireless Screen Sharing

BEAM eliminates the need to switch physical connectors and cables for every presenter

No Pop-up Notifications

Display your entire desktop or selected windows to maintain privacy.

Seamless Collaboration

Instantly switch between presenters (remote or on-site) with the click of a button.

Video Capable

Play videos from your laptop on the presentation screen.

Remote Support and Maintenance

With BEAM, there is no need for an on-site IT team. We manage, update, and troubleshoot all BEAM-boxes remotely

Corporate Branding

Personalize every BEAM-box in your office to display images, logos, and Twitter feeds when not in use

Virtual Events and Seminars

Virtual Events and Seminars

BEAM Events Features

Built-In Networking

Discuss the event afterwards in the Cowork tab, where event participants can join small groups to have discussions and meet new people without leaving the event space. Everything is at the same URL.

Lifelike Environment

When event guests want to network, they will be able to select which room to join from the map, which shows who is already in each room.

Accessible Information

Upload information and videos about your event to the Learn tab, so guests can explore extra content before the event starts and after it ends.

Facilitate Conversations

Allow guests to ask questions and interact during the event with live chats, so that everyone can participate.

Integrated Platforms

Hosts and participants can share YouTube, Vimeo, and Twitch videos and live streams.

Seamless video collaboration no matter where you are.