Let's Beam

Connect and network from your home or office.
Beam brings networking to hybrid meetings and events.

Designed for Hybrid Organizations

BEAM is for organizations that wish to offer a seamless and easy to use hybrid video conferencing solution for their teams. BEAM offers internal messaging, with company twitter or RSS feeds on the user dashboard and in the conference rooms. Keep your teams connected without the burden of frequent company-wide messaging and emails.

About BEAM

Beam seamleassly integrates meetings, places and connections to bring real life effectiveness to hybrid work.

Hybrid First

Easy meetings for hybrid teams who are partially in the office and at home or distributed across remote locations. No downloads nor special cameras needed. With BEAM everything is intuitive, from setup to connection.

Digital Badges

Digital badges to identify speakers, and their role, company and LinkedIn URLs in the video call or in the chat. It's easy to identify who makes a smart comment or someone you might want to get in touch with at a later time.

Interactive Chat

Interactive and resposive chat with three different font sizes so you can easily read comments during meetings. Participants use a like button to highlight preferred comments for a more fun group experience.


Venues provide an attractive visual representation of physical meeting spaces and office environments for easy navigation among breakout groups.

Wireless Presentations

With BEAM Display presenters wirelessly connect to the big TV via the browser. BEAM Display is enabled by a commercial chrome-box that runs our software. Get BEAM for all your conference rooms and experience the benefit of a fully managed platform.

Video Sharing

BEAM supports video sharing from the cloud. Meeting participants easily share links from YouTube, Vimeo, and Twitch. The presenter controls playback and audio for all participants.

What makes BEAM unique

Find out why people love Beam


Provide an attractive visual representation of physical meeting spaces for easy navigation among breakout rooms.

No download required

Beam is entirely browsed based and supported by all major internet browsers: Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

Networking profiles

Integrated digital business badges with LinkedIn URLs of speakers, company and business role.

Natively hybrid

Beam meetings and Beam events seamlessly connect to onsite TVs and projectors via BEAM Display.

Video sharing

With video sharing from the cloud, Beam allows people to share clips from Youtube, Vimeo and Twitch.

Interactive Chat

Like the comments on the chat and see the badges associated to the comments.. Contact participants via Linkedin.


BEAM brings natural networking to the hybrid remote/in person work environments of offices, meetings, and events.

BEAM is natively hybrid: open a second tab to show your meeting or event on the big TV powered by BEAM.

With complementary services such as 3D scanning of business locations, BEAM naturally brings team members together, whether they are working from home or at the office.

Built around digital venues, BEAM makes it easy to develop  new connections during online/hybrid meetings and events. 

With BEAM Displays organizations power conference rooms for visual conversations with easy turn-taking. BEAM Displays runs on commercial chromeboxes that take one minute to set up and connect to your big TV or projector.